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University of Maine

The Aphasia Center of Maine is proud to have built a strong partnership with University of Maine's Speech Therapy Graduate program. Dr. Judy Walker of UMaine has integrated the Andre R. Hemond Aphasia Retreat into the curriculum of second year grad students, providing the opportunity for students to attend the retreat for the whole weekend. Students have an extraordinary life-changing experience to learn about aphasia from those living with aphasia, and are continually appreciative of the weekend and how it will impact their future careers as Speech Therapists. Below are a few comments from recent graduate students who attended the retreat:

"It is tragically ironic that no words could describe the profound effect that participating in the aphasia retreat has had on me.  I went to the retreat with an open-mind and an accepting attitude, and in doing so was able to learn so many things from each of the participants who confront a multitude of challenges every day.”

"The aphasia retreat put a face on aphasia and deepened my understanding of the affects of the disorder, on the individual as well as their partner, in a way that I didn’t think would be possible in just a weekend."

“This weekend was honestly one of the most amazing experiences in my life.”

To learn more about University of Maine's Speech Therapy program please click here!

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