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Our Foundes Bruce and Annemarie Albiston

Bruce & Annemarie Albiston 

In 2005 Annemarie's father, Andre, had a massive stroke, and like so many people, it changed his entire world in an instant. An educator for over 40 years, communicating with young adults was his passion. Aphasia, a communication disorder, left him struggling to carry on a conversation, read and write. 


Annemarie and her husband Bruce set out to learn as much about Aphasia as possible and to make a positive difference for people struggling with this little understood condition.  They founded the Aphasia Center of Maine and held their first Andre R. Hemond Aphasia Retreat Weekend in July of 2012: retreats continue to be held annually. 

Board of Directors

Tobias Burdet 
Elaine Jones
Richard Fecteau 
Karen McPhee

Steve Belanger Ph.D, BC-ANCDS

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